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'Unthinkable' 'Open Warfare!' Stephanopoulos Goes Ballistic Over Trump and 'Release the Memo' – Watching.ml

In the eight:00 hour Stephanopoulos and Karl once more fretted over the “extraordinary” “attack” by President Trump on the FBI and Justice Department, repeating that adjective one other two instances in the little over a minute information transient.

To learn the full transcript from the trade throughout the 7:00am EST hour of Good Morning America, learn beneath:

ABC’S Good Morning America


7:02:31 AM- 7:09:04 AM

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: We start with the bitter showdown over the secret Republican memo and a model new assault from President Trump on the high management of the FBI and his personal Justice Department after they warn towards a launch of that memo. Want to go proper to our Chief Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas. And Pierre, that is a rare assault from the president!

PIERRE THOMAS: Yes, good morning, George. The president is on the assault simply tweeting, “the top leadership and investigators of the FBI and the justice department have politicized the sacred investigative process in favor of Democrats and against Republicans. Something which would have been unthinkable just a short time ago. Rank and file, are great people.” This morning, with the white home poised to authorize the launch of that controversial GOP memo towards the needs of the FBI, President Trump is ignoring questions.

JON KARL: Mr. President, what about the FBI director’s grave considerations?Don’t you belief him?

THOMAS: In a speech at the RNC in a single day. The President sounding upbeat.

TRUMP: Did anyone not see the State of the Union? Because even the haters again there gave us good evaluations on that one.

THOMAS: But not mentioning that memo which sources inform ABC information suggests the FBI confirmed political bias towards the president. The president suggesting after the State of the Union that he desires that memo made public.

GOP CONGRESSMAN; Just launch the memo.

TRUMP: Oh, yeah, don’t be concerned, 100%.

THOMAS: But his hand-picked FBI Director, Christopher Wray, flatly disagrees and FBI officers issuing a press release about their grave considerations about materials omissions and the memo’s accuracy. Wray backed by the greater than 13,00zero member FBI brokers affiliation thanking him for standing shoulder to shoulder with the males and ladies of the FBI. House Speaker Paul Ryan says the memo is just not an indictment of the FBI or the Mueller investigation.

PAUL RYAN: If errors have been made and if people did one thing fallacious, then it’s our job as the legislative department of presidency to conduct oversight over the government department if abuses have been made.

THOMAS: But Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee say the memo is pure politics.

ADAM SCHIFF: It appears to be primarily based in an effort to undermine Bob Mueller to guard the president. I’ve not seen a shred of proof that may recommend that there is been an abuse in the Russia investigation.

THOMAS: The report was written by Republicans on that committee. Chaired by congressman Devin Nunes, an ally of President Trump who served on his transition crew. Sources inform ABC information it accuses the Justice Department of appearing inappropriately when it sought a surveillance warrant in October of 2016 for a former Trump marketing campaign adviser suspected of being a Russian agent. Critics say the doc is cherry-picked and a high Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee is now brazenly supporting the FBI ct director who’s in defiance of the president.

SEN. JAMES LANKFORD: I’d inform you there is no such thing as a FBI director that hasn’t confronted undue political strain and I feel he is dealing with the strain nicely.

THOMAS: Former FBI director James Comey final night time weighing in with a tweet, quote, “all should appreciate the FBI speaking up. I wish more of our leaders would but take heart, American history shows that in the long run, weasels and liars never hold the field. So as long as good people stand up..” George, weasel, liars? This is clearly now utterly private between Comey and the president.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Between Comey and the president however that’s not all Pierre, you’ve got been masking the Justice Department for 30 years. The president in that tweet mentioned it is unthinkable what he is accusing the management of the FBI and the Justice Department of doing, however what’s actually unthinkable right here is this type of open warfare, open assault from the president.

THOMAS: This is extraordinary and you’ve got the FBI Director laying out his Independence in open defiance of the president. They’re all ready to see if this memo goes to be launched. Comey and the management have been, you realize, weighing in from the exterior. Now we anticipate Wray to reply to the president after this memo comes out, George, and, once more, they’re ready on the memo to be launched and to see how the FBI rank and file reply to it.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Okay, Pierre, thanks very a lot. We need to get extra on this now from our chief White House Correspondent Jon Karl. Jon, I do not suppose this tweet was a part of the white home plan, this morning, though we have been anticipating this memo was going to return out. There’s been a rare behind-the-scenes lobbying effort from the FBI and the Justice Department directed at the White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and they have been making an attempt to decrease tensions whilst they knew the memo was popping out.

JON KARL: But they know the way upset the president is. They discuss as if there may be open warfare between the president and the higher reaches of the FBI and the Justice Department. Think about this, George, you’re speaking about the FBI director, the Deputy Attorney General and a number of different high officers at the FBI over the final 48 hours have are available right here and pleaded with the white home to dam the launch of this memo. Even the Director of National Intelligence who’s all of those folks appointed by the president, we all know the president believes in a deep state conspiracy towards him. Now it seems he believes that deep state conspiracy contains folks that he himself put in place.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Yeah and that second tweet the president put out this morning, he appears to be pushing the line that the Democrats are all behind this surveillance of the Trump marketing campaign, that the Hillary marketing campaign funded this file, that satisfied the Obama administration to do some surveillance of the Trump marketing campaign officers. Yet, this was one thing accredited by by the president’s personal Deputy Attorney General.

KARL: Which is — that is Rod Rosenstein and that’s what’s going to place him below a lot strain right here, the authentic order comes earlier than Rosenstein however he re-approves it, pushes it once more after the president is elected so he is approving the surveillance of a high Trump marketing campaign former affiliate whereas the president is in the White House. That’s why he’s below a lot hearth.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Jon, one remaining query, different white home aides who’ve seen this memo suppose it won’t be as highly effective as the president thinks.

KARL: There’s positively a priority that this might flip into — develop into fairly a dud and, keep in mind, George, as this memo was reported, the one factor that we already learn about this memo and repeated each time it’s talked about, is that the FBI believes it’s deceptive. That it paints an incorrect image of what has occurred.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Which is why they’ve grave considerations about it. Jon Karl, thanks very a lot. Michael.

ROBIN ROBERTS: George, you realize, we hold speaking about unchartered territory and these tweets this morning —

STEPHANOPOULOS: It shocked me. We have been planning a distinct present this morning till this got here in round 6:40 as a result of as I mentioned to Jon, all people behind the scenes at the White House they knew this was coming however they have been making an attempt to decrease the tensions and the president simply ratcheted it proper up this morning.

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