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Univision Anchor: Trump Immigration Fix Aims To Keep America White – Watching.ml

Univision continues to point out us that it’s going to go to such lengths to protect the porous border so central to its enterprise mannequin and continued survival, that it now not even bothers to put quote marks round claims that present immigration coverage proposals are racist. Now they only repeat such defamatory statements as truth.

Here’s anchor Enrique Acevedo making simply such a defamatory assertion, as aired on Univision’s late night time newscast, Edición Nocturna, on Wednesday, February 7, 2018:



ENRIQUE ACEVEDO, UNIVISION ANCHOR: The measures to restrict authorized immigration to the United States proposed by the Trump Administration have the aim of preserving the nation’s present demographic composition and limiting the expansion of the so-known as minorities, primarily, the Hispanic inhabitants. Pablo Gato will inform us (about) these particulars.

Washington correspondent Pablo Gato cites the findings from this evaluation from the Washington Post as the premise for the report. But the evaluation’ very first sentence blows up the very premise of Gato’s report:

President Trump’s proposal to chop authorized immigration charges would delay the date that white Americans turn into a minority of the inhabitants by as few as one or as many as 5 extra years, in line with an evaluation by The Washington Post.

And two paragraphs later:

The Census Bureau initiatives that minority teams will outnumber non-Hispanic whites in the United States in 2044. The Post’s evaluation initiatives that, have been Trump’s plan to be carried out, the date can be between 2045 and 2049, relying on how components of it are carried out.

There are a variety of caveats right here that Univision by no means mentions. “IF Trump’s plan is carried out”…“DEPENDING on how it’s carried out”. Univision, by means of Acevedo and Gato alike, is stoking concern and racial resentment primarily based on speculative language – which is completely harmful and fully reckless.

Additionally, there isn’t a point out of the truth that the demographic tendencies are usually not neccesarily topic to adjustments in immigration coverage. For all of the fearmongering concerning the Hispanic inhabitants, it’s no secret that Hispanic inhabitants development within the United States is now not primarily pushed by immigration, however by U.S. births. The actual downside is that these youngsters do not develop as much as be Univision viewers.

Watching the total report makes it crystal clear that Univision had little use for the Post piece besides to quote it as the premise of claims that Trump immigration coverage is meant to “Make America White Again.” Gato’s soundbites have been offered by an immigration legal professional and a Democratic strategist, and confirmed no opposing perspective. In truth, the one quotes from the administration got here by way of snippets of White House aide Stephen Miller’s August 2017 confrontation with CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

It is not any exaggeration to say that this unserious report is little greater than race-baiting rubbish from a community that continues to depend upon a damaged immigration system, and is prepared to do something to impede significant reform.

Below is a section of the above-referenced report, added for context:

PABLO GATO, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: Xavier Racine says that should you have a look at the Trump Administration’s immigration coverage, you arrive at one conclusion:

XAVIER RACINE, IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY: Well, that that is the agenda – to throw all of the Latinos out of this nation, and to extend the quantity of white individuals, mmm-hmm… in order that they’ll proceed being the vast majority of the individuals right here, of the inhabitants.

GATO: A Washington Post examine signifies that measures proposed by Trump would delay the tip of whites being the bulk on this nation by as much as 5 years. The cause is that he can be limiting the arrival of immigrants from such locations as Africa and Latin America.

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