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Here’s a wild discuss by the Orthodox Christian artist Jonathan Pageau , who talks concerning the theological that means of zombies in popular culture. Excerpts:

At a social stage we are able to really feel and see throughout us the rising polarization, the acceleration of what we are able to solely name a wierd breakdown, the decomposition of tradition, the progressive dissipation of any middle which may rally us as societies.


And it’s right here on the sting that we discover the zombies wandering aimlessly in a world that’s shedding its middle. Unlike most of his monstrous brothers, the zombie is actually the harbinger of latest nihilism. The zombie has no magic, its arrival often has no clear purpose, however relatively the zombie is couched in a organic accident, a illness, a plague. Simply an animated corpse, the zombie inhabits the indeterminate area of residing demise, roaming round in packs, the zombie exhibits us the senseless wandering of a senseless mob with an insatiable starvation for devouring others, for swallowing life. If the vampire is the monster of aristocracy, the zombie is the monster of the mass, of the unintentional, of quantitative leveling. The zombie is the atheist insistence on the phantasm of free will. It is a picture of nihilism and of idiosyncrasy taken all the best way to decomposition.

In nearly each main metropolis in North America they’ve these occasions, they name them zombie walks. People costume up as zombies and stroll in 1000’s down the streets, dressed up and made as much as seem like corpses, shifting round with useless empty eyes and pretending to be the strolling useless.


The zombie each typifies the mob, whereas concurrently absolutely the individualism, absolutely the isolation of latest life, for the zombies in a horde solely work together with what they need and by no means work together with one another. The trope of cannibalism is a really historical one. We discover it in so many historical tales. But the tweak in Zombies of consuming brains is a really highly effective one, as a result of it’s actually a picture of the nihilist. The zombie is a creature with out that means, with out intelligence, it misses any kinds personhood, and has this insatiable need which mirrors what it lacks. It wishes what it lack, id, that means, and this need seems in that materialist discount of id and personhood to a clump of cells up there in your skull, the zombie needs to eat your brains as a result of it can’t eat the thoughts, it can’t inhabit the thoughts.

Strangely sufficient the need to eat the residing is the acute perversion of our need for communion and it is usually the distilled picture of all our passions, our try to fill the unquenchable craving by our passions all the time transforms others into commodities which may get us what we predict we want. The zombie is each a picture of the social breakdown, the particular person as a meaningless statistic, the disappearance of frequent values besides the overwhelming need to devour, so additionally as it’s a picture of the breakdown of the particular person itself into an soulless wanting demise machine.

There is a relatively strict analogy between these completely different ranges of the world. The social breakdown and polarization is to the state what the abandonment to the passions is for the particular person, and the zombie is each these fragmentations on the similar time.

So to tug again a bit. As we glance round, As the narrative material of the world begins to fill, in portions which can be barely attainable to imagine, with photos of the monstrous — as we really feel the world being torn aside by fragmentation and battle, we’re concurrently as people being consistently assaulted by photos, photos with the aim of awaking our wishes. And now we have come to the purpose the place now we have usually even change into accustomed to a continuing publicity to the stranger and stranger fringe of need while being enticed by the siren tune to indulge, to offer into the waves and the storm and to sink into the mire.

What does this should do with the Feast of Pentecost, and the iconography of Pentecost (keep in mind, Pageau is an artist)? You should learn the entire thing to search out out. I discover this to be an ingenious meditation, not what I might have anticipated from a Christian artist speaking concerning the zombie apocalypse. Check it out; you’ll be shocked, and enlightened.

(And I shouldn’t should say this, however I’ll: I’m not going to publish any crucial feedback from individuals who don’t proof having learn Pageau’s discuss first.)

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