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The NYC Subway Ripoff – Watching.ml

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Even for those who don’t stay in New York City, belief me, you’re going to wish to learn this wonderful New York Times story about how labor unions, metropolis politicians (the overwhelming variety of whom are Democrats), featherbedding firms, a bloated paperwork, onerous laws, and different elements make it staggeringly dearer to construct subways there than wherever else on the earth. Check this out:

An accountant found the discrepancy whereas reviewing the price range for brand new practice platforms beneath Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.

The price range confirmed that 900 staff have been being paid to dig caverns for the platforms as a part of a three.5-mile tunnel connecting the historic station to the Long Island Rail Road. But the accountant might solely establish about 700 jobs that wanted to be achieved, in accordance with three undertaking supervisors. Officials couldn’t discover any motive for the opposite 200 folks to be there.

“Nobody knew what those people were doing, if they were doing anything,” stated Michael Horodniceanu, who was then the pinnacle of building on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs transit in New York. The staff have been laid off, Mr. Horodniceanu stated, however nobody found out how lengthy they’d been employed. “All we knew is they were each being paid about $1,000 every day.”

The discovery, which occurred in 2010 and was not disclosed to the general public, illustrates one of many principal points that has helped result in the growing delays now tormenting thousands and thousands of subway riders each day: The leaders entrusted to broaden New York’s regional transit community have paid the very best building prices on the earth, spending billions of that would have been used to repair current subway tunnels, tracks, trains and indicators.

The estimated value of the Long Island Rail Road undertaking, referred to as “East Side Access,” has ballooned to $12 billion, or practically $three.5 billion for every new mile of monitor — seven occasions the typical elsewhere on the earth. The lately accomplished Second Avenue subway on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and the 2015 extension of the No. 7 line to Hudson Yards additionally value far above common, at $2.5 billion and $1.5 billion per mile, respectively.

The spending has taken place even because the M.T.A. has in the reduction of on core subway upkeep as a result of, as The New York Times has documented, generations of politicians have diverted cash from the transit authority and saddled it with debt.


The critics pointed to a number of uncommon provisions within the labor agreements. One a part of Local 147’s deal entitles the union to $450,000 for every tunnel-boring machine used. That is to make up for job losses from “technological advancement,” although the gear has been customary for many years.

“I’m not anti-union at all, but it’s amazing how much they dictate everything that happens on a job in New York,” stated Jim Peregoy, a Missouri-based value estimator who has labored on 240 tasks in 27 states, together with the Second Avenue subway. Mr. Peregoy stated labor was a far greater a part of his estimates in New York than elsewhere. “You have to account for it, because it’s huge.”

Fatcat labor unions are just one piece of this stinking pie, however a reasonably large piece. The story goes on to check an analogous undertaking in Paris — capital of a rustic the place labor unions are very highly effective — costing a lot much less, largely as a result of unionized staff should not benefiting from the system. These NYC unionized building staff come off as like United Auto Workers in Detroit circa 1977.

But then, all people within the Times story comes off as grasping, besides the individuals who run the town’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, who come off as helpless dopes.

Read the entire thing.  What a scandal. What’s so fascinating about that is that each metropolis has labor unions, laws, bureaucracies, and so forth, to take care of when it undertakes tasks like this, however no different comparable metropolis on earth has remotely the prices that NYC does. What is the arduous-pressed NYC taxpayer getting for his cash?

Great job, New York Times!

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