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Sundance explains it all, or not – Watching.ml

The pseudonymous Sundance (Mark Bradman) is the proprietor of the Conservative Treehouse website (Bradman spells it Tree House). As a reader, I discover him extremely irritating. He is a poor and clumsy author. The fundamentals of exposition appear to have escaped him. He is verbose. Clarity is a casualty of his model. Occasional translation of his prose is required (“This timeline is so transparent it’s deafening”). One wants always to be cautious of gaps between assertion and proof in his commentary. I do not take what he says at face worth.

With these , readers might nonetheless need to evaluate his current publish headed “Operation Condor – How NSA Director Mike Rogers saved the U.S. from a massive constitutional crisis…” It represents the end result of his analysis on the timeline, the forged of characters, and the story which will underlie the Obama administration’s surveillance of the Trump marketing campaign.

In earlier posts, Sundance has included the lengthy Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order that bears on his evaluation. I’m embedding it beneath.

Top Secret FISA Court Order – President Obama Spying on Political Enemies by The Conservative Treehouse on Scribd

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