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Schiff goes full fertilizer – Watching.ml

Ranking House Intelligence Committee member Adam Schiff dropped in for a pleasant chat yesterday with George Stephanoploulos on the ABC Sunday morning gabfest This Week. I missed it. The Daily Caller’s Justin Caruso caught it, nonetheless, and posted the video excerpt under. Schiff amplified his critique of the 4-web page Nunes memo launched on Friday. According to Schiff, the memo heightens the danger of an Oklahoma City-style bombing by eroding public belief within the FBI. Schiff has proved himself an inveterate liar, however this can be a low, if silly, blow, on the conclusion of which Stephanopoulos merely thanks him for his time.

Quotable quote: “[T]he problem with this, and this is I think at the heart of the department’s concern–is if you have a neighbor who’s buying fertilizer, lots of fertilizer, but has no yard and you have concerns about it and you want to call the FBI, you’re now going to wonder ‘Is that FBI going to hold my name in confidence or this information in confidence, what if this becomes politicized?’ Sources are going to dry up because of what the Republicans on this committee are doing now.”

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