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S.E. Cupp: ‘Weird Look for Democrats’ to ‘Dunk’ on Ryan Touting Woman Happy About Tax Cut – Watching.ml

cnn newsroom with brooke baldwin   02 27 10 pm - S.E. Cupp: ‘Weird Look for Democrats’ to ‘Dunk’ on Ryan Touting Woman Happy About Tax Cut - Watching.ml

Democrats have been slamming House Speaker Paul Ryan after he deleted a tweet touting an AP story, during which a college secretary defined that she obtained a nominal increase due to the GOP tax invoice. Because the quantity was so small, or “crumbs” as Nancy Pelosi would put it, Democrats bashed Ryan and Republicans for daring to rejoice Americans getting extra money of their paychecks.

The media took discover of the deleted tweet immediately as properly, spending a number of segments on it on each MSNBC and CNN, spinning the story from the Democrats’ aspect. But HLN host and CNN contributor S.E. Cupp instructed CNN’s Anderson Cooper on CNN Newsroom Monday afternoon that Ryan shouldn’t have deleted the tweet or decrease how pleased persons are to be getting tax cuts.

Fill-in host Anderson Cooper began off the section by enjoying a tape of the lady talked about within the AP article by Sarah Sell, who defined that she had merely responded to a Twitter survey performed by the reporter, which requested if she had seen any modifications in her paycheck on account of the GOP tax invoice:

“I said yes and I answered four or five simple questions. I answered them honestly. When she asked what I would do with the extra money, that’s the only thing I could think of is it would cover my Costco membership for the year. I answered it honestly. I really didn’t expect it to go where it went,” she grinned, with a shocked look on her face.

Turning to CNN politics reporter and Editor at Large Chris Cillizza, Cooper defined what all of the hoopla was about. “Chris, numerous Democrats are sort of going after Paul Ryan saying he is out of contact, that $1.50 every week solely quantities to about $60 a 12 months. Interestingly, Paul Ryan deleted that tweet he despatched,” Cooper mentioned.

Cillizza agreed that it was “interesting” that Ryan deleted the tweet, because it appeared to concede that he had made a mistake. But he added that as a result of Republicans are “convinced that this tax cut is a good thing for the American public,” they need to focus their power on “educating” the general public “on ways in which it is a good thing.”

But, Cillizza claimed that Ryan touting this specific girl’s story was “problematic,” as a result of “that’s not a lot of money to most people.”

“I believe it’s type of an pointless error,” he added. He backtracked once more, saying that total, tax reform is one thing Republicans ought to speak about, together with President Trump, saying that the Russia memo was not likely one thing that “animates” his base like tax cuts do.

“…[H]e’d be higher served than frequently speaking about this Russia memo which I do not — it could animate a bit of his base, nevertheless it’s not going to be one thing that they win on. You know, I believe you need to speak about tax cuts. People are getting extra money. This girl apart who’s getting a marginal quantity, they’re getting extra money. Talk about that,” he conceded.

Turning to fellow visitor S.E. Cupp, Cooper requested for her opinion. “Was it a mistake for Paul Ryan to tweet that?”

Cupp disagreed that the tweet was a mistake, saying taking it down was the true mistake. She slammed Democrats for “dunking” on Ryan and the lady who was pleased about extra money in her paycheck, calling it a “bizarre look for Democrats:”



No. I do not suppose he ought to have taken it down. I believe it’s a actual bizarre look for Democrats to dunk on Paul Ryan and by extension a lady who’s pleased she obtained a tax break. It misses the larger image that as Chris mentioned, persons are proud of the tax reform. Whether it is staff of locations like Walmart, Boeing, AT&T who’re getting bonuses. Massachusetts — state regulators simply instructed their utility firms to decrease their charges on account of the lowered company tax price. That’s Massachusetts. Tax-a-chusetts!

Massachusetts is not the one state to announce such information. Electric firms in Washington D.C. introduced final month that they might offer the identical decrease charges for their prospects as properly.

Cupp bashed Democrats for “missing” the purpose, that irrespective of how massive or how small, any quantity of additional cash makes most individuals pleased.

So I believe Democrats are lacking the place the power is on this, no pun supposed, and making a bit of bit extra of their giddiness of this than the remainder of the nation sees,” she mentioned, because the section ended.


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