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Ruhle Attacks 'Fake News' of Senator Warner's Contacts With Lobbyist for Russia – Watching.ml

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle performed assault canine for Democratic Sen. Mark Warner with the information that he had in depth contact with a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch in March of 2017 to get in touch with file creator Christopher Steele with no “paper trail.”

Ruhle took a tweet from Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and twisted it to one way or the other recommend Fox News reporting on this story was one way or the other “fake” and “untrue.” She insisted calling it “nonsense” was an “understatement.” Her visitor, Clint Watts, then added to the actual fact-mangling by making the now-widespread liberal error that one way or the other the Steele file was funded by Republicans (by way of the Washington Free Beacon). They employed Fusion GPS, however Steele got here to Fusion after that.

STEPHANIE RUHLE: I wish to flip now to a tweet from the president the place he stated, quote,

“Wow! Senator Mark Warner obtained caught having in depth contact with a Russian lobbyist for a Russian oligarch. Warner didn’t desire a “paper trail” on a “private” assembly in London. He requested with Steele of fraudulent file fame all tied into crooked Hillary.”

So this was President Trump’s tweet. Marco Rubio, fellow Republican, shortly shut the president down, tweeting,

“Senator Warner fully disclosed this to the committee four months ago, has had zero impact on our work.”

President Trump was retweeting a Fox News report. So to president trump who talks, who complains a lot about faux information on the market, you’ve got obtained a fellow Republican who’s on the committee who stated Mark Warner already instructed us this and it is a nonstarter. What do you make of this?

CLINT WATTS: There’s a lot nonsense with this hashtag hysteria round each week attempting to discredit one of these investigations.

RUHLE: But is not nonsense an understatement right here?


RUHLE: The president, with exclamation factors and screaming, is saying one thing that is simply unfaithful.

WATTS: Completely false. And why would not they have a look at the file? I imply, the file’s been out for a 12 months now. Warner is an element of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence wanting into Russian collusion.

RUHLE: And he isn’t preserving it a secret.

WATTS: No. And this was a doc initially funded by Republicans earlier than Democrats and delivered to the FBI by a Republican. Remember John McCain one of the folks advocating the FBI have a look at this.

The solely phrases within the Trump tweet that may be challenged as “untrue” are Warner “got caught.” They may say Warner disclosed the contents to his fellow senators, so he wasn’t “caught.” But for everybody who’s not serving on an intelligence committee, it was new info, and the optics strongly recommend a secret partisan mission — no “paper trail,” a non-public assembly in London. 

Larry O’Connor rebutted the liberal media’s Rubio protection in The Washington Times.

He famous Warner’s disclosure to his fellow senators got here half a 12 months after he despatched the textual content messages to Adam Waldman, the lobbyist for the Russian oligarch. He additionally argued that attacking Fox for “fake news” is very incorrect for the reason that story itself mentions that different Senators have been made conscious of the texts final October. 

And the “zero impact on our work” argument? 

So what? Rubio is defending towards an allegation that nobody ever truly made. In Henry’s preliminary report and within the response to the report, not one particular person has made the declare that Warner’s contacts one way or the other impeded the work of the Intelligence Committee. No one cares if it has had an affect on the committee’s work. No one thinks Warner was attempting to affect the committee’s work. It is an entire non-sequitur…. 

Rubio’s “defense” doesn’t reply any of these related and legit questions. It solely accomplishes one factor: It supplies a fig leaf to reporters giving them an excuse for not pursuing the story or asking these and plenty of different questions related to the report. 

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