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Really? MSNBC Turns to Fmr. Bill Clinton Staffer to Lecture Trump White House on Scandal – Watching.ml

In an interview fully devoid of any self-consciousness on her 9:00 a.m. ET hour present on Thursday, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle talked to Democratic Congressman and former Bill Clinton White House Staff Secretary Patrick Maloney about Trump White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter being embroiled in scandal following allegations of abuse by his ex-wives. Amazingly, rape and harassment accusations towards President Clinton had been by no means talked about.

“The big question is, why give someone a job that important, that senior in our White House with this kind of background?,” Ruhle requested. Without irony, she then launched Maloney: “I want to bring in Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, a Democrat from the great state of New York, and he was also Staff Secretary to President Bill Clinton, so he certainly knows a lot about the job.”

He additionally is aware of lots about what it’s like to work in a White House stricken by scandal, however Ruhle averted pointing that out.

Maloney unloaded on White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, claiming he “didn’t care” concerning the severe allegations towards Porter. The liberal lawmaker ranted: “And even now is defending this conduct. Which is so sickening and so well documented…”

What about all the Democrats who endlessly defended Bill Clinton as he was accused of sexual harassment and rape by a number of ladies? What concerning the detailed account supplied by Juanita Broaddrick of Clinton brutally assaulting her? Was Maloney snug working for a person who confronted such fees?

All of these would have been good questions for Ruhle to ask, however as a substitute, she stored teeing the Congressman up to bash the Trump administration: “What surprises me, if you’ve got somebody with background like this, if the FBI is aware – if the White House is aware, is there not someone else in the Republican Party with the same qualifications but not the girlfriend, wife-beating background?”

The Clinton White House and its henchmen persistently labored to destroy any girl who ever got here ahead to accuse the previous president of wrongdoing. For any member of that administration to get on such a excessive horse when it comes to such scandals have to be challenged by anybody who desires to take into account themselves a accountable journalist.

But that is MSNBC, in order that concern was by no means actually on the desk.

Unbelievably, this was how Ruhle wrapped up the softball alternate: “I want to know what family values means these days. Because it’s certainly strange to me.”

Obviously it’s cheap to criticize the Trump White House for its dealing with of the Porter scandal, however to carry on a visitor who labored for an accused rapist to move judgment on the subject goes past the pale.

9:05 AM ET

STEPHANIE RUHLE: Everyone has a proper to defend themselves towards allegations. The large query is, why give somebody a job that vital, that senior in our White House with this type of background?

I would like to herald Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, a Democrat from the nice state of New York, and he was additionally Staff Secretary to President Bill Clinton, so he definitely is aware of lots concerning the job. Congressman, good morning.

These allegations are beautiful. That he bodily and emotionally abused each of his ex-wives. Both of those ladies apparently informed the FBI about this and he nonetheless received the job. That’s what stands out to me. Does it shock you?

2018 02 08 msnbc maloney - Really? MSNBC Turns to Fmr. Bill Clinton Staffer to Lecture Trump White House on Scandal - Watching.ml

REP. SEAN PATRICK MALONEY [D-NY]: Yes, significantly. There was not a day that glided by that I didn’t have a stack of crimson folders on my desk marked “Top Secret” that went to the president. That means,  for your entire time Rob Porter’s been on the White House, he has been dealing with the nation’s best secrets and techniques with this secret of his personal.

John Kelly clearly had to find out about this. There isn’t any method, I’m telling you, that the Staff Secretary to the President, served for 14 months and not using a safety clearance, that the FBI did notify the chief of workers. Which means Kelly didn’t care. And even now could be defending this conduct. Which is so sickening and so properly documented, is so clearly confirmed by photographic proof, by modern police reviews. I imply, Rob Porter has a proper to defend himself, however the American individuals have a proper to anticipate that the Staff Secretary to the President isn’t gonna be blackmailed and may deal with nationwide safety data. And John Kelly ought to know higher.

RUHLE: How coveted a job is that this? Because what surprises me, when you’ve received someone with background like this, if the FBI is conscious – if the White House is conscious, is there not another person within the Republican Party with the identical however not the girlfriend, spouse-beating background?

MALONEY: Look, that’s proper. I imply, the query is, why would you set this particular person in that place? Wouldn’t you no less than sideline them till you absolutely investigated it and came upon what the info are? To proceed so cavalierly is so reckless. And frankly, John Kelly is the one who has to reply for this. It’s one factor when an worker is making an attempt to cowl up some uncomfortable and even disgusting info of their background like this, however John Kelly is meant to know higher. And when the FBI comes to you and says, “We can’t give the guy a security clearance, because of this,” you may have a accountability to act. There is a burn bag below the desk of the workers secretary as a result of the fabric that particular person handles is among the many most delicate materials our nation has. This is outrageous.

RUHLE: How shut would he be to President Trump, given how a lot you labored with President Clinton?

MALONEY: There is just not a day that goes by within the West Wing that the workers secretary doesn’t personally work together with the president, interval.

RUHLE: Alright, I would like to share a quote from The Washington Post: “Porter said on Tuesday that he would resign, after the allegations were first published, people close to him say…But he was talked out of it by Kelly and others, according to these people, with Kelly saying he believed Porter’s denials and saw him as a valuable ally in the White House. Kelly continued to press him to stay in his job Wednesday, saying he could weather the storm, but Porter decided the controversy had become too much.”

Sean, I’ve really spoken to individuals within the White House who stated, “I’m completely shocked.” While he was a useful rising star within the White House, that goes out the window. When you study these allegations, he merely can’t keep.

MALONEY: Look, I handled Rob Porter on numerous events. Incredibly spectacular background, was all the time skilled and useful to me. But look, John Kelly is the chief of workers. When the FBI tells you he’s received this type of drawback, not solely does he want to go, you want to care about this. These victims got here ahead in January of 2017, proper firstly of the administration, they usually did so as a result of they thought it was vital that the FBI know this about somebody on this excessive-degree place and nothing was achieved. It sends a horrible message, it’s malpractice. And it means someone and not using a nationwide safety clearance, for greater than a 12 months now, has been dealing with that materials and will have been blackmailed at any time.

RUHLE: Wow. Alright, one final query. There are reviews that he dated, or has been courting, Hope Hicks. How uncommon is it for White House aides to have a romantic relationship, can or not it’s a difficulty? We know, these of us within the civilian world, workplace romance is fairly regular, however speak us by way of this going on contained in the White House.

MALONEY: Look, I feel below regular circumstances, you already know, you wouldn’t be shocked that individuals who work lengthy hours collectively meet and generally have a relationship. The concern here’s what the conflicts are when Hope Hicks, because the communications director, wants to write a press release about this very severe concern. She must be no the place close to it. Common sense would let you know that you simply let another person do it or recuse your self as a result of you may have a private battle.

But on this White House, all of the norms appear to be out the window. The chief of workers is informed about spouse beating, doesn’t care. He’s informed a man can’t get a nationwide safety clearance, they maintain going away. And even when the photographs come out and it’s irrefutable, he’s defending the perpetrator, the spouse beater, not the victims. And so, I’m not stunned that Hope Hicks, the younger and slightly inexperienced communications director, is writing a press release when she has a transparent battle of curiosity. It’s a standard day down on the Trump White House. But different Republicans and individuals who care about our nationwide safety want to converse up. Enough of these items.

RUHLE: I would like to know what household values means lately. Because it’s definitely unusual to me. At the very least, she’s received to break up with the man. Hey, Congressman, thanks a lot for becoming a member of me this morning, I actually respect it.        

MALONEY: Thanks, Stephanie.

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