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Nicolle Wallace Claims Trump ‘Doesn’t Even Want To Know’ About ‘Threats To The Nation’ – Watching.ml

An article in Friday’s Washington Post about President Trump’s unorthodox intelligence briefings has turn into spin fodder for MSNBC speaking heads, who would have their viewers imagine that the President is completely disinterested in issues of nationwide safety.

The considerations of some within the intelligence group, as described within the Post article, prompted a dramatic overreaction from Nicolle Wallace on Live With Katy Tur on Friday. Wallace initially maintained her cool as she defined the importance of the President’s Daily Brief, or PDB, however she inevitably launched right into a panicked tirade about nationwide safety.  



I used to be talking with [James Clapper] and he stated, you recognize, it isn’t the President’s job to come back to our stage. It is our job to go to his. So it’s our job to temporary him on threats to the nation in no matter method he desires it. And the concept he likes photos and graphs, that’s his prerogative, and he’s the President. But what’s troubling is that it doesn’t appear that there’s something that’s briefed to him persistently.

“Are you surprised that nothing has happened?” Tur prodded. “I mean, that nothing major has happened?”

“I’m shocked,” Wallace exclaimed. “That we have a president that doesn’t even want to know what the threats are to the nation on a daily basis is shocking.”

The article in query was aptly titled, “Breaking with tradition, Trump skips president’s written intelligence reports and relies on oral briefings.” The authors allege that President Trump has deviated from the norm by eschewing the President’s Daily Brief, or PDB. This doc, which is compiled each day by intelligence officers, comprises “the most pressing information collected by U.S. intelligence agencies from hot spots around the world.” Rather than learn the PDB, the piece explains, the President prefers to be briefed orally by intelligence specialists in conferences that happen on a close to-each day foundation, in line with aides.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo is quoted within the article as commending that President Trump is “deeply engaged” throughout the conferences, and that he “asks hard questions.” However, there’s some disagreement amongst intelligence officers concerning the efficacy of those oral briefings as in contrast with the extra detailed PDB that the earlier seven Presidents relied on.

Wallace’s outburst is simply the most recent instance of community pundits taking appreciable liberties with the traces between fact and fiction.

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