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MSNBC: Trump 'Doesn't Give A Damn' About The Poor – Watching.ml

The panel of MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle took a quick time-out on Wednesday from speculating about White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to take just a few lazy swings on the President’s new funds proposal for the SNAP meals help program. The proposed coverage would perform equally to companies like Blue Apron, with beneficiaries receiving packages of pre-chosen nutritious meals objects. It would additionally scale back the present program’s funds by 30%.

Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude argued that the proposed modifications to SNAP have been motivated by assumptions of fraud, which is probably going true to some extent. He then concluded that such a coverage was “all out war on the poor.”



“It’s patronizing,” complained New York Times journalist Bret Stephens. He added that this proposal had come from “a President who is suspected of hating the poor.”

Host Stephanie Ruhle, evidently reluctant to exclude General Kelly from the section fully, interjected, “John Kelly says immigrants are lazy, don’t want to get off the couch.” It is unclear whether or not Ruhle was conflating immigrants with the poor, or if the remark was merely a pink herring.

Stephens analyzed the optics of the plan, which he decided have been “terrible.” Noting that the White House’s preliminary funds is commonly a “show piece budget of the President’s priorities” that has little probability of passing in its preliminary type, he questioned why the President would come with such an unpopular thought within the preliminary proposal. “If you do this as a political testimony to what your priorities are, why would you do that?” he requested.

Glaude suspected he had the reply: “Because this is a testimony to what their priorities are.” This proposal, he reminded the panel, had come from a President who had run on a platform of “representing working people.”

The candidate that claimed he was going to be representing working individuals, left behind white working class people, actually doesn’t give a rattling about them. He actually doesn’t care in any respect.

The panel didn’t revisit Professor Glaude’s preliminary declare that the modifications have been possible meant to stop SNAP fraud and abuse. However, that evaluation is supported up by an announcement from Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue in December. Perdue introduced that the company was concerned with proposals which might fight “fraud and waste” with out growing this system’s prices.  Additionally, the USDA’s web site states that in Fiscal Year 2012, the newest yr with knowledge, OIG devoted over half of its investigative assets to discovering cases of fraud.

Yet within the context of the allegation, Glaude and the opposite panelists appeared to deduce that an curiosity in stopping fraud was tantamount to an innate mistrust – or as Stephens put it, a hatred – of the poor.

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