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Michelle Malkin Roasts 'Stonewall Media' Over Transparency Double Standard – Watching.ml

On Saturday’s Fox & Friends, syndicated columnist and investigative reporter Michelle Malkin sharply criticized the institution press’s sharp U-activate legislation-enforcement transparency from George W. Bush’s presidency. She  in impact noticed that one of many key causes for the present “stonewall media” surroundings is self-safety.

In the video section which follows, Malkin recollects how the press selective cherished transparency through the Bush 43 years, after which noticed that there has now been an entire about-face:

Transcript (bolds are mine):

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS: Lots of people on the mainstream media (are) simply nearly like laughing this story off, saying, “It was a dud.”

MICHELLE MALKIN: Yeah, I’m sufficiently old to recollect through the Bush years, when there wasn’t a leak that the newspapers wouldn’t run to and embrace. And then additionally, after all, these leaks at all times by some means occurred to redound to the detriment of the Bush administration.

And, , right here we’ve got all the open watchdog teams and all of those journalists who’re purported to, , shed daylight, and daylight is meant to be one of the best disinfectant.

HENRY: Safeguards of democracy. Watchdogs.

MALKIN: And the truth is, as a substitute what we’ve got is a stonewall media to match the stoned-confronted Democrats this previous week.

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: Yeah, and would by no means see — you guys are journalists. Have you ever seen a time the place journalists are saying, “We want less information, we want less transparency, trust the government on this”?

MALKIN: Right. Well, and clearly the contents of the memo present precisely why. Because it’s confirmatory, not revelatory, that you had these liberal media journalists who have been in cahoots. All the collusion accusations that we heard over the previous yr have been simply actually extreme psychological projection.

In essence, journalists are stonewalling as a result of if the Deep State’s collusion is uncovered, their collusion’s publicity will accompany it.

The press’s present collusive posture goes again nearly three years, when 65 mainstream media journalists have been invited to attend secret pre-announcement planning conferences with Hillary Clinton marketing campaign officers.

One of the conferences had particular, documented targets of “setting expectations for the announcement and launch period” and “framing the HRC message and framing the race.” In different phrases, the marketing campaign needed the press to function below these expectations and that framing, i.e., the marketing campaign was actively looking for collusion.

Establishment press reporters’ conduct through the 2016 presidential marketing campaign confirms that the Clinton marketing campaign acquired the collusion it sought.

The scandals related to Mrs. Clinton and her marketing campaign, adopted by dozens of publish-election revelations of unauthorized conduct by Obama administration or Barack Obama-appointed officers and their apparatchiks within the White House and federal legislation enforcement, have given journalists ample alternative to regain their bearings and cease colluding. With solely very uncommon exceptions, it hasn’t occurred.

Malkin’s “stonewall media” tag completely describes institution press journalists’ cussed, collusive posture. It has lengthy since gone previous the purpose of no return. It threatens to, and actually ought to, wipe out all remnants of the colluders’ credibility.

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