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Manchin or Mousechin? – Watching.ml

A Democrat from West Virginia, Joe Manchin represents probably the most Trump-friendly state within the Union. He pretends to be an unbiased type of man. He additionally occurs to be standing (if I could use that time period right here) for reelection this November. During the State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, Manchin nearly stood up in response to one in every of President Trump’s applause strains. Then he caught himself because it dawned on him that he may violate celebration self-discipline if he have been to face. He eased off simply in time. That was shut!

Is he a Manchin or a Mousechin? You be the choose. What a phony.

After the State of the Union Speech, by the way, Manchin criticized his Democratic colleagues for sitting on their fingers by way of Trump’s speech. “I think the Democrats were wrong in not showing respect,” Manchin stated. “That’s just me.” Make that phony x 2.

Via Don Surber.

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