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Liberal Insider 'Newsletter' Insists Trump Will 'Pay a Price' on Memo – Watching.ml

trump nh 0 - Liberal Insider 'Newsletter' Insists Trump Will 'Pay a Price' on Memo - Watching.ml

Political insiders who subscribe to former New York Times and Politico reporter Mike Allen’s morning e-mail e-newsletter — Axios AM — would possibly notice it is not likely a “newsletter.” It’s extra like a “Talking Points Memo,” and the speaking factors are reliably Democratic in tone. Allen’s Friday version previewed the Nunes memo launch beneath the headline “1 Big Thing: The memo’s price.”

The staff at Axios discovered nameless White House aides who assume the president is screwing up, who “recognize their could be a high cost” to Trump’s choice to permit the memo’s launch, as they informed Allen and Jonathan Swan. Smell the liberal bias (bolding from the unique): 

  • Swan realized that the White House plans to decorate up the choice by arguing that it is an motion of “transparency.”
  • But this places President Trump publicly crossways with each the intelligence neighborhood and the FBI — not a place you need to be.
  • And then there’s the lead-balloon issue: Swan scooped yesterday that many within the White House assume the memo shall be a dud — hardly delivering on the expectations that Fox’s Sean Hannity and others on the suitable have whipped up with the web #LaunchTheMemo frenzy.
  • So with no slam dunk, there is also a political value.
  • An administration supply stated final evening: “Some backwards and forwards on whether or not to truly do it. If it truly is a dud and the memo actually doesn’t say a hell of a lot, why would you danger pissing off [FBI Director Christopher] Wray?”
  • That West Wing worry syncs with a declare by Rep. Adam Schiff, the highest Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, who stated at an Axios occasion that the memo shall be a letdown for the suitable — containing nothing that clearly invalidates the investigation or would trigger anybody to get fired.
  • And the coverage worth … The Boston Globe entrance-pages: “The hot topic at congressional Republicans’ annual policy retreat … is not infrastructure, immigration, or even tax cuts — it’s ‘The Memo.'”

White House aides who assist the president and assume he isn’t screwing up did not get a paragraph. Why confuse the Axios viewers with an opposing view? 

Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel questioned that do not-mess-with-the-FBI spin: “Having tried–and failed–to stop the memo on grounds of ‘national security,’ ‘omissions,’ and ‘versions,’ Ds/media are out with new reasons today. Now we are told 1) memo is a nothingburger that will backfire on WH, and 2) Trump would be unwise to mess with the FBI.The latter is particularly curious. IE, the FBI is not a rogue, unaccountable agency, but you better watch out or it might come after you.”

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