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Jorge Ramos Proclaims Boldly 2018 "Year Of The Resistance" – Watching.ml

Fresh from his 12 months-finish African safari (with subsequent column already within the bag), Univision anchor Jorge Ramos graces Twitter with a daring proclamation, decreeing that 2018 shall be the “Year Of The Resistance”. Funny, I assumed that was what 2017 was.

Here’s Ramos in full unfettered bloom, comclusively proving that he nonetheless hasn’t discovered something after playing (and shedding) his credibility on 2016:

No one, wherever, has profited extra from getting thrown out of a press convention than Univision’s Jorge Ramos, who spun his August 2015 ejection into a number of awards, documentaries, and two books. Ramos positive made some improbable lemonade out of an ïmpossible 12 months” that “was not speculated to occur”. Some “worst time of his life” Ramos had there, huh. 

The fact is that what little sympathiy Ramos might have cultivated in opposition to Donald Trump is rapidly sqandered with all the acute-left insurance policies he seeks to shove down his viewers’ throats: for instance, his embrace of the tradition of loss of life as evidenced each by his embrace of euthanasia and his boosterism of Planned Parenthood, in addition to his promotion of radicals akin to convicted FALN terrorist Oscar López Rivera and unpopular Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz of San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

It is not any secret that Ramos had a transparent stake within the consequence of the 2016 presidential election, his conduct has revealed as a lot. It can be clear that Ramos intends to triple down on his “Resistance” on the expense of precise journalism, “worst year” complaints however.



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