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'Greys Anatomy' Teaches a Gun Control Lesson Literally Nobody Needed

greys anatomy teaches a gun control lesson literally nobody needed - 'Greys Anatomy' Teaches a Gun Control Lesson Literally Nobody Needed

What did I simply watch? I imply, I do know I simply watched the November 2 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Come on Down to My Boat, Baby,” however, within the greater sense, what did I simply watch? It is in reality superb to me that this display remains to be at the air and, after this episode, I am satisfied that the one scores it has are the individuals who watch it simply to peer what sort of madness display author Shonda Rhimes has in retailer for us every week. Certainly it isn’t as a result of any person had to be taught this week’s lesson – do not lift a loaded gun for your vagina. 

18-year-old Danielle enters the emergency room of Seattle Grace Hospital as a result of she handed out whilst going to talk over with her boyfriend in prison and now has stomach ache as smartly. Upon analyzing her, her docs assume that a being pregnant is one thing to imagine. After all, she’s an differently wholesome younger lady who fainted. That’s a cheap assumption. Occam’s Razor just about guarantees that her docs did not imagine the true explanation for her ailment. I’m going to be fair. It unquestionably did not happen to me. It came about to Shonda, regardless that, and that lady has constructed a tv empire.

Maggie: Danielle, so we all know that you just have been on the jail while you collapsed. Do you might have any earlier clinical historical past? Or are you taking any drugs? 
Danielle: No. No. Look, I am wonderful. Seriously. Can I simply move, please? 
Arizona: No, you continue to have stomach ache, and also you fainted, so I am a little involved that you may be pregnant. 
Danielle: Well, I am not pregnant, k? I fainted as a result of — as a result of the warmth. There wasn’t any air in there — Ow! 
Mr. Nelligan: Please. Just run some assessments. 
Miranda: I will be able to’t do this, Mr. Nelligan, as a result of I do not consider there is the rest unsuitable with you.
Arizona: Any nausea or vomiting?
Maggie: Did you swallow one thing? If she used to be smuggling one thing into the jail, it’ll have burst. 
Arizona: If you swallowed one thing, Danielle, you wish to tell us. Otherwise, that you must get very, very unwell. 
Danielle: I did not swallow it! 
Mr. Nelligan: I have been shot! I have been shot! I have been shot! 
Miranda: Stay down! Don’t transfer! -Security! Is everybody all proper?! 
Maggie: Abdomen!
Arizona: What?! 
Miranda: Who the hell fired?! 
Maggie: April, you are bleeding! 
April: Huh? No, I am wonderful. I am wonderful. It’s — It’s not anything. 
Arizona: Okay. Danielle. Do you might have a gun on you? Wait. Hold on. Hold on! This is — This is an go out wound.  No front wound. Danielle, did you place a gun for your vagina?

I suppose that, after observing that, you might have joined me in questioning, what did I simply watch?! I’ve a lot of questions. This is not the primary time I have wondered the anatomical wisdom of the crew at Seattle Grace, however are the writers of the display underneath the influence that a lady’s privates are a position that one can merely position a gun? They have a gross false impression of the scale of a kind of issues. Does Gwyneth Paltrow learn about weapons in vaginas? Women are not actually allowed to place bizarre issues of their girl bits with out her masking it on her way of life weblog, and this one turns out to have ignored her vaginal radar. 

Now, assuming that Gwyneth Paltrow used to be happy with it and a gun used to be in truth an object that used to be smuggle-able by means of that exact way, why would she load the weapon? That’s simply deficient gun protection. Is Shonda Rhimes underneath the influence that gun protection is such a downside in America that we wanted an episode telling girls to not position loaded firearms into our particular position, or does she assume girls are simply that specifically silly? 

After Danielle has surgical operation to fix the bullet wound from when a gun went off inside her vagina as a result of she put a loaded firearm inside her vagina, you guys, the physician pronounces that it’s a “beautiful 1-pound, 8 ounce… baby pistol.” For the gun aficionado in the market, that is concerning the weight of a Glock 19, which I believe assured would now not have compatibility in a single’s girl holster. The docs then have the extraordinary revel in of telling her, “Do you have any idea how badly this could have gone? You shot yourself in the belly from inside your vagina, and that was the best-case scenario. You could have shot yourself in the spine. Or you could have shot someone else in the head.”

Shonda, I do know you are now not into weapons. You’ve made that transparent. If you have been underneath the influence you have been going to modify anyone’s thoughts by means of having a lady by chance shoot herself from inside of her vagina, regardless that, I am afraid you’ve got best served to make us ask as soon as once more – what did I simply watch? And I assume that is what assists in keeping such a lot of tuning in week after week.

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