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Gasp! NPR Editor Actually Says It Was Democrats Who Forced Government Shutdown – Watching.ml

If National Public Radio political editor Domenico Montanaro is questioning why he is getting the chilly shoulder at work lately, this would possibly clarify it.

Montanaro was one among 4 journalists to look on the NPR Politics podcast for a weekly roundup section on Feb. eight when the topic of the  Jan. 20-22 authorities shutdown got here up, a showdown prompted by bitter divisions in Congress over the immigration coverage generally known as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

Here’s what Montanaro mentioned after a clip was performed of House Speaker Paul Ryan saying each main events possess a “real commitment” to fixing the “DACA challenge” —

NPR White House reporter Tamara Keith: Kelsey, are you able to translate that in any respect? (laughs)

NPR congressional reporter Kelsey Snell: Uh, he says that he is dedicated to getting one thing completed. That is a bit bit additional than he is gone previously however for Democrats that is not sufficient. They need the identical type of agency dedication that (Senate Majority Leader Mitch) McConnell gave and what Ryan did there may be simply not that.

MONTANARO: Now, huge image right here, Chuck Schumer and Democrats shut the federal government down not too way back over DACA and it did not work out so nicely for Democrats. Not solely did they not get something out of this, however they had been nearly evenly blamed for the federal government shutdown and President Trump this time round is saying, hey, if that is going to be over DACA, let it shut down.

Alas, all good issues should ultimately finish, akin to the 2 decade-plus run of one of many main narratives within the media, specifically, that Republicans are at all times guilty for presidency shutdowns. This was inevitably coupled with media commentary that Republicans doing this was but additional proof of their nihilistic hatred of presidency and indifference to the struggling of individuals depending on the state.

montanaro second - Gasp! NPR Editor Actually Says It Was Democrats Who Forced Government Shutdown - Watching.ml

This time round it was apparent to all however essentially the most delusional leftist that it was Democrats forcing a shutdown as they underestimated the general public’s demand for border safety and misinterpret public sympathy for unlawful immigrants.

Notice how Montanaro backpedals, nevertheless, after that clumsy double unfavourable — “Not only did (Democrats) not get anything out of this” — proper earlier than he asserts they had been “almost evenly blamed” for the shutdown. In different phrases — Pay no consideration to what I simply mentioned, it is Republicans who’re extra guilty!

This wasn’t the one comical second from Montanaro within the podcast. Another got here throughout a dialogue of President Trump’s proposal for a navy parade in Washington much like one he noticed in Paris on Bastille Day. Tamara Keith mentioned she known as historian Michael Beschloss to get his take, and this was adopted by Montanaro offering his distinctive tackle Ike —

BESCHLOSS: In the 1950s when Dwight Eisenhower was president there have been huge parades in Moscow previous Lenin’s tomb in Red Square. They’d roll the tanks by and bombers would fly overhead and the chief, in that case Nikita Khrushchev, would stand on Lenin’s tomb and the thought was to indicate Soviet would possibly. Back on the White House a few of Dwight Eisenhower’s individuals went to him and mentioned, nicely, possibly we must always have some parades like that in Washington or elsewhere to indicate American would possibly and Eisenhower, who did not want his credentials to be questions (sic), he was the hero in fact of D-Day, Eisenhower mentioned completely not. We, the United States, are in search of peace. We are the preeminent energy on earth. For us to attempt to imitate what the Soviets are doing in Red Square would make us look weak.

MONTANARO: And Eisenhower was a basic. He conquered Europe.

No, that was truly Hitler who conquered Europe — adopted by Eisenhower as Supreme Allied Commander and our western allies liberating Europe, or no less than Western Europe. As World War II drew to an in depth, Nazi terror throughout Eastern Europe was changed by Soviet tyranny that lasted for one more half century, till Soviet-bloc nations had been liberated, this time by Reagan’s victory within the Cold War. 

It additionally rings hole to explain Eisenhower because the “hero” of D-Day, an honorific he’d certainly reject. The actual heroes had been the lads storming the seashores and leaping from planes, and 1000’s of them by no means got here residence.

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