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Francis Reaches Concordat With Communists – Watching.ml


The Wall Street Journal experiences (behind subscriber wall):

Pope Francis has determined to simply accept the legitimacy of seven Catholic bishops appointed by the Chinese authorities, a concession that the Holy See hopes will lead Beijing to acknowledge the pope’s authority as head of the Catholic Church in China, in response to an individual accustomed to the plan.

This is a single supply. A newspaper just like the Journal doesn’t go along with a single supply on a narrative like this until it’s any individual on the high.

Two days in the past, Catholic News Service reported on the clashes inside the Catholic Church over Francis’s overtures to Beijing. Excerpt:

An identical pressure is being performed out in China, the place the Vatican is engaged in dialogue with the communist authorities in an try to maneuver, nevertheless slowly, towards a scenario through which all of the Catholic bishops can be in full communion with Rome and all Catholics would acknowledge one another as members of the identical church.

But some individuals who have given up their freedom to stay trustworthy to the pope and a few who’ve noticed the ensuing struggling see the Vatican’s dialogue with the Chinese authorities as a betrayal.

One of the loudest critics of the Vatican’s present engagement with the Chinese authorities is Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, retired archbishop of Hong Kong.

In a weblog posted on his Facebook web page Jan. 29, he requested rhetorically, “Is it not good to try to find mutual ground to bridge the decades-long divide between the Vatican and China?” And then he responded, “But can there be anything really ‘mutual’ with a totalitarian regime? Either you surrender or you accept persecution, but remaining faithful to yourself.”

While Cardinal Zen acknowledged that some Catholics who’ve cooperated with the federal government-accredited Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association did so “not by their own free will, but under heavy pressure,” he additionally mentioned others are “willing renegades” who, in impact, are in schism.

The Vatican rebuked Cardinal Zen yesterday for his remarks. From Reuters:

In his put up criticising Vatican diplomacy, Zen wrote: “So, do I think that the Vatican is selling out the Catholic Church in China? Yes, definitely, if they go in the direction which is obvious from all they are doing in recent years and months.”

I’m reminded of the penultimate scene in The Mission, the 1986 movie through which the Vatican, within the individual of a Cardinal Altamirano, decides the destiny of a convert church of Guarani Indians dwelling in colonial territory contested by Spain and Portugal within the 1740s. There isn’t any good determination, solely a much less evil one. The cardinal makes his name based mostly on geopolitics and what he considers to be the larger good of the Church. The outcomes weren’t good. I’ve barely edited this ultimate change of dialogue for the sake of avoiding a spoiler. The first line is from a state official. The second line is from the cardinal, who has been bowled over by the results of his verdict:

“We had no alternative, Your Eminence. We must work in the world. The world is thus.”

No… . Thus have we made the world. Thus have I made it.”

What should St. John Paul II, the lion who defied communism, be making of this information.

God assist the catacombs Catholics of China. I wager they by no means imagined at the present time would come.


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