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Disinformation, Democrat style: Edward Jay Epstein comments – Watching.ml

Our pal Edward Jay Epstein is the creator, most just lately, of How America Lost Its Secrets: Edward Snowden, the Man and the Theft and the City Journal column “A question of motive.” Ed’s lengthy profession has centered on problems with intelligence and counterintelligence with respect to which the late CIA head of counterintelligence, James Jesus Angleton, turned out to be a mentor to Ed as he navigated his path in that world.

I requested Ed if he would touch upon “Disinformation, Democrat style” (citing the testimony of Glenn Simpson) and the associated Wall Street Journal column by Daniel Hoffman, “The Steele dossier fits the Kremlin playbook” (behind the Journal paywall). Ed writes:

I’ve learn Simpson’s testimony. I’ve additionally performed analysis into Christopher Steele, who I imagine has his personal agenda. Steele’s file Sources A and B need to be assumed to be supplying curated info. Any former Russian intelligence officer, particularly one nonetheless lively within the Kremlin, would perceive that supplying secret info to an middleman for a former British intelligence officer can be the essence of espionage. That is how espionage is carried out by way of entry brokers or intermediaries. They wouldn’t be placing their lives at stake to cross this info on.

A safer assumption is that they cleared the knowledge with the FSB. If so, and I see no different different, it’s curated info. Why would Russia be supplying curated info to the Clinton marketing campaign? The easy reply is that they anticipated Clinton to win and this is able to give them compromising Leverage over the brand new president. After all, additionally it is in opposition to American legislation to pay overseas officers to behave corruptly. So if she received Hillary might be accused of the identical factor that Trump is now accused of. It additionally provides to the unhealthy picture of American elections. So I imagine the Russians have been feeding each side with slime, or making an attempt to.

And by way of the Clinton presidential marketing campaign they succeeded past their wildest goals.

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