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'Corporate's' CEO: 'We All Know There's No God' – Watching.ml

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In addition to being anti-enterprise, Comedy Central’s new present Corporate can also be anti-faith. On Wednesday’s episode, Casual Friday, Hampton Deville’s CEO publicizes, “We all know there’s no God, but there is a ton of money to be made in His name,” in anticipation of assembly with energy/cash-hungry Glorious Salvation Ministries consultant Alyssa Armstrong.

CEO Christian Deville meets with the cross-bearing consultant of the most important group of mega-church buildings within the nation to debate how Hampton Deville will furnish them with flat screens, therapeutic massage chairs, and snacks, in return for the company’s emblem being broadcasted all around the church buildings. Or as Alyssa places it, “Every time my congregants go to pray, they’ll be thinking of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Hampton f*cking Deville.”



CEO: As you possibly can see, Hampton Deville has the flexibility to deliver your church buildings into the 21st century. Our flat screens will broadcast the gospel of Jesus in 4k decision. We need to enable you to create an immersive spiritual leisure expertise. And if one way or the other your congregants handle to lose curiosity, you possibly can wake them up with… the contact of God. So what do you say? Shall we… Consummate this holy union?

Alyssa: What you could have introduced right here right this moment is blasphemy. You need me to pay tens of millions of so you possibly can splatter your company emblem throughout my church? Well, I’ve a counteroffer. $1. That’s how a lot I am prepared to pay you. Now, the query is…are you sensible sufficient to say sure?

CEO: You have my consideration.

Alyssa: Never within the 6,000-year-previous historical past of the world has an organization been provided a product placement alternative like this. Every time my congregants go to hope, they’re going to be pondering of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Hampton f*cking Deville. So you all are going to produce my church buildings, and I will pay you nothing. And you’re going to thank God for the present I’ve given unto you.

CEO: God rattling.

Of course the girl representing the church buildings could be carrying a behavior-like outfit and a big cross necklace whereas dropping f-bombs and elevating a center finger. While determining the phrases of their deal, Alyssa makes clear her energy over her church buildings: “My congregation doesn’t listen to pop-up ads. They listen to me. When I told them to burn ‘Harry Potter,’ sales of the book went up 40%. J. K. Rowling still owes me for that.”

Our two fundamental characters additionally talk about their atheism, suggesting that the one individuals who can fairly imagine in God are skilled athletes since “their lives are amazing.”



Jake: When did you cease believing in God?

Matt: I used to be 12. I drank a few of the holy water at church, and it gave me salmonella.

Jake: Hmm.

Matt: Uh, what made you cease believing in God?

Jake: YouTube feedback.

Matt: Who are the 90% of people that nonetheless imagine in God?

Jake: Professional athletes. They’re wealthy, scorching, and their our bodies have not betrayed them but. Their lives are wonderful. Why would not they imagine in God?

In addition to the episode’s anti-spiritual theme, workers are rioting towards the costume code by taking their shirts off. When Matt makes the horrific mistake of suggesting that women and men’s chests are totally different, this eye roll inducing dialog performs out:

Matt: Okay, fantastic, however no one else take their shirt off, all proper? I imply, Paige, clearly you possibly can’t.

Paige: Uh, wait, what does that imply?

Matt: Well, you are a lady, so…

Paige: So what? If you are a man, you may take off your shirt, however when you’re lady, you possibly can’t? That’s sexist.
Matt: Okay. Um, I do know that since I am a person, telling you what’s or is not sexist is sexist. But you possibly can’t take off your shirt. Because you are a lady. But we’re not sexist.

A couple of weeks in the past, fundamental character Matt fantasized about beating up God. Just 6 episodes in and it’s already clear that Corporate shall be one more present obsessive about attacking God (actually) and the individuals who imagine in Him.

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