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CNN's Cuomo Acts as Cheerleader for DACA, Encourages Clean DACA Bill – Watching.ml

During an interview with Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) Tuesday morning, New Day co-host Chris Cuomo editorialized that Democrats ought to push for a “clean DACA” invoice with out “adding billions for a wall that isn’t necessary.”  

Blumenthal had beforehand blasted a part of the Senate’s newest immigration proposal as “nativist, far right fringe agenda”, particularly referring to the provisions that might eradicate chain migration and the variety lottery. But in response to Cuomo, Blumenthal and his fellow Democrats haven’t gone far sufficient to the left on immigration, asking, “Why don’t the Democrats just stand on doing DACA and fixing the situation? And adding nothing.” Blumenthal responded by saying “You took the words out of my mouth, Chris.” He then went on to say clear DACA invoice won’t be politically possible due to opposition from the House of Representatives.



Following a quick response from Senator Blumenthal, Cuomo reiterated his plea for a clear DACA invoice, asking “Why not stand on principle? You have the filibuster in the Senate. And if the President wants to blame you, have that fight. Why isn’t this a bedrock principle for Democrats that they’re willing to stand on and maybe die on?” 

Cuomo appears to have forgotten in regards to the significance of bipartisanship and compromise, which he at all times appears to demand of Republicans. A clear DACA invoice, which he repeatedly pushed for this morning, would include neither. It would give the Democrats all the things they need whereas doing nothing to handle the Republicans’ need for border safety. The Democrats can promise to vote on border safety at a later date, however historical past exhibits that merely doesn’t occur.

Later within the present, Senator David Perdue (R-GA) defined why a clear DACA invoice wouldn’t, saying “Let’s solve the DACA problem once and for all, but let’s also eliminate the causes of what brought these children here illegally in the first place. And that is chain migration, an unsecure border and the other facets of this program that he’s laid out.”

As March 5 will get nearer, the media will little doubt proceed to focus on sob tales relating to the Dreamers; though they needed to admit court docket ruling blocking President Trump’s choice to rescind DACA successfully erases the March 5 deadline.


CNN New Day


07:41 AM


CHRIS CUOMO: Look, I hear you. And there’s no query it has been grossly exaggerated as chain migration. And this concept that it goes on eternally is demonstrably false. The backlog of spousal and youngster documentation circumstances proves that. But that is about politics. What I don’t perceive is, if it’s such an impassioned precept, why are you including something to it? Why don’t the Democrats simply stand on doing DACA and fixing the state of affairs? And including nothing. Not including billions for a wall that isn’t vital. You can put all that cash for safety into the finances invoice and actually, you might be. The President’s proposal proper now has border safety spending in it. Why add something to it if it issues as a lot as you say?


RICHARD BLUMENTHAL: You took the phrases proper out of my mouth, Chris. That could be, certainly, my resolution. Let’s restrict the deal to the dreamers and DACA. If politically it’s workable within the Senate and we are able to muster ample majority right here to supply sufficient second going into the House of Representatives, the place, after all, as you already know Speaker Ryan has made no dedication even to permitting the invoice for a vote…


CUOMO: Right. But if you already know it’s not going to go that method, proper? And that appears fairly politically apparent. Ryan, as silent as he’s about all the issues the President says that deserve his voice, he has spoken about this. He’s not going to do immigration the identical method that McConnell stated he would for you guys. Okay. But then why not stand on precept? You have the filibuster within the Senate. And if the President needs responsible you, have that combat. Why isn’t this a bedrock precept for Democrats that they’re prepared to face on and perhaps die on?


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