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CNN Skips CNN.com Piece on How '#MeToo Could Knock the Clintons Off the 2018 Map' – Watching.ml

CNN.com posted an article by its reporters Dan Merica and Eric Bradner on Wednesday headlined “How #MeToo could knock the Clintons off the 2018 map.” Their personal historical past of coping with allegations of sexual harassment and assault may hang-out Democrats in the midterms. I tweeted it and mentioned “Will this make CNN’s airwaves?” 

Nexis looking for “Clinton” and “campaign,” in addition to “Clinton” and “sexual harassment” over the final 4 days turned up many mentions of the Russia probe. CNN made just a few mentions of Hillary Clinton’s Facebook apology — posted in the midst of the State of the Union hubbub — for tolerating sexual harassment by her religion adviser Burns Strider. But they could not discover time on tv for any issues for the Clintons on the marketing campaign path.  Merica and Bradner reported the Clintons stay in style with the social gathering base….

clintons 4 - CNN Skips CNN.com Piece on How '#MeToo Could Knock the Clintons Off the 2018 Map' - Watching.ml

But the couple’s historical past with sexual harassment allegations — most notably throughout the former president’s affair with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky, and extra not too long ago over Hillary Clinton’s choice to not hearth a staffer accused of sexual harassment throughout her 2008 marketing campaign — might make it more durable for campaigns in swing districts and states to totally embrace them, strategists concerned in key races mentioned….

“Hillary we could probably use in targeted ways, and I think you’ve seen her out there and she has a dedicated base of support,” mentioned one Democratic strategist concerned in a aggressive 2018 Senate race who didn’t wish to be recognized for concern of upsetting the Clintons.

“The Bill question gets very tricky,” the strategist mentioned, in a reference to the former president’s sexual misconduct. “We have to mean what we say: Zero tolerance means zero tolerance.”

CNN loves nameless sources once they say damaging factor about Trump, however not as a lot once they’re damaging the Clintons. You should shake your head at the “bravery” of nameless sources whose major purpose for anonymity is “fear of upsetting the Clintons.” The supply could possibly be a CNN Democrat, like David Axelrod. But then there’s an operative “with deep ties to the Clintons” forecasting the descent of their reputation: 

But a Democratic operative with deep ties to the Clintons admitted that 2018 could possibly be a 12 months by which their energy in Democratic politics wanes.

“I will be the first to admit that it makes it a little harder to embrace someone who has either been fairly or unfairly seen as someone who has not taken women’s claims are seriously as they should have and that would be Hillary Clinton,” mentioned the operative.

But, the operative added, it would possible influence Bill Clinton much more.

“It is going to be far more difficult for him. He is going to be in less demand,” the operative mentioned, including that any occasion the place a candidate who has seized on the #MeToo motion held with the former president “would be seen to be as hypocritical.”

CNN bosses discover all this discuss miserable. They’re a lot happier to push their hearth-and-brimstone sermons about “demagogic authoritarians” working for Russia in the White House. 

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