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Joe diGenova: Beyond foreplay – Watching.ml

joe digenova beyond foreplay watching ml - Joe diGenova: Beyond foreplay - Watching.ml

Paul appended former US Attorned/former Independent Counsel Joseph diGenova’s interview with Ginni Thomas to his replace on “That explosive House Intel Committee document.” In the interview diGenova lucidly exposes the Trump/Russia collusion phantasm for what it’s and identify checks the principal malefactors. It is effectively definitely worth the time to …

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Comey speaks – Watching.ml

comey speaks watching ml 310x165 - Comey speaks - Watching.ml

The FBI’s counterintelligence investigation that has now been taken over Special Counsel Robert Mueller appears to have concerned severe abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act usually and part 702 specifically, underneath which the National Security Agency’s warrantless surveillance program. Under the management of James Comey, the FBI appears to …

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