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Angela Rye: 'There is Something Dangerously Wrong With this President' – Watching.ml

CNN took a break Monday from protecting the drop within the Dow to blast President Trump for his use of the phrase “treasonous” to explain Democrats at a rally in Cincinnati.

Former NY GOP Gubernatorial candidateRob Astorino identified that the Democrats have an intense hatred for President Trump as evidenced by the refusal of many elected Democrats to attend his inauguration. Angela Rye, Astorino’s liberal counterpart on the panel, stated that “there is something dangerously wrong with this President” and argued that it was “high time and overtime that he gets a psychological evaluation.” 

When Astorino dared to counsel that Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters (Calif.) may profit from a psychological analysis herself, Rye chastised Astorino: “That is my mentor and you will not disrespect her that way ever.” With divisive figures like Maxine Waters amassing such a big following, it’s no surprise we dwell in such a polarized nation.

Throughout the whole lot of the heated change, Rye repeated the speaking factors of her mentor, portray the President as a racist and a bigot along with stressing the significance of bringing impeachment proceedings in opposition to him. Rye’s juvenile habits included dismissing any criticism of Maxine Waters and President Obama as “false equivalencies.”     

Later, Astorino stated that there have been “a lot of things Obama said in the campaign that he regrets and did in office.”  Rye pressed Astorino to give you one factor President Obama stated that sounded that racist and poisonous. Astorino didn’t say this however candidate Obama’s “guns and religion” remark that he used to seek advice from small-city Americans in the course of the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary may fall into the “toxic” class.

Rye concluded the interview by saying that “Donald Trump is dangerous and toxic for this country” and dubbed him “mentally unstable.” Rye’s statements show past an affordable doubt that #TheResistance is not going to sail off quietly into the sundown anytime quickly, even when the Trump Presidency turns into a smashing success.

ROB ASTORINO: I do, sure. I believe it’s – I imply it is so poisonous proper now on each side of the aisle. And for the Democrats, lots of it is, you understand, a particular hate in direction of Donald Trump, the particular person. And generally you additionally should say the Presidency or the workplace of the President. When they had been on the inauguration saying we’re not even going to go. He didn’t even get began but they usually had been boycotting his inauguration. Let’s do not forget that.

ANGELA RYE: Do you bear in mind why?

ASTORINO: So this is a continuation of what’s been occurring.

RYE: Do you bear in mind why?

ASTORINO: Does it matter?

RYE: Yeah, it completely issues and I’ll inform you why it issues. It issues for all of these people who find themselves brown who had been referred to as drug sellers and rapists. It issues for all of these folks–

ASTORINO: He didn’t say all.

RYE: It doesn’t matter when you say all whenever you say Mexicans are drug sellers and rapists, you’ve gotten an issue. That’s how he began his marketing campaign. That was the day of his marketing campaign announcement. This is a person that began speaking about constructing an excellent, stunning wall to maintain folks in another country. So whenever you construct a marketing campaign constructed on hate-crammed rhetoric, constructed on bigotry, discrimination and racism, I’m not going to applaud you and individuals who seem like me aren’t going to applaud you and individuals who have coronary heart all throughout this nation who don’t seem like me aren’t going to applaud you. Now, going again to your remarks about Congresswoman Maxine Waters, she did subject a State of the Union rebuttal. Unfortunately for you and what you may consider, there are a number of folks throughout this nation who consider identical to Congresswoman Waters believes, that there is one thing dangerously unsuitable with this President. That it’s excessive time and time beyond regulation that he will get a psychological analysis. That it’s excessive time and time beyond regulation…

ASTORINO: I might say the identical factor about Maxine Waters.

RYE: And I want you’d. That is my mentor and you’ll not disrespect her in that approach ever. But let me simply return to this level. It is so essential Commander-in-Chief behave as such, it is so essential that we are able to depend on the phrases that come out of his mouth and we can not. It is so essential that when he talks about black unemployment that because it’s plummeted it is additionally now elevated. So I ponder if he’s going to take credit score for that as properly. It’s time for this President to be trustworthy. 

ANDERSON COOPER: But Angela, I imply Rob, what Rob was saying, was that it wasn’t, it wasn’t useful for the President to name Democrats treasonous simply as, you understand rhetoric on the opposite facet, speaking about impeachment is not essentially useful and definitely, Angela, there are lots of Democrats who really feel just like the speak of impeachment is not essentially useful.

RYE: It might not be useful Anderson however the actuality of it is, there are a selection of people that have referred to as into wanting into impeachment. That is a speaking level on the left, definitely, that works very, very properly as a result of folks have plenty of questions and each time Twitter thumbs picks his account again up and opens it up and says one thing else, he is the one which proves the rationale why people are wanting into this. That’s not on Congresswoman Waters. I believe it’s additionally time for us to cease with the false equivalency.

COOPER: Rob, I would like you to go forward and reply.

ASTORINO: Angela, I might say that’s as loopy and excessive–

RYE: I’m certain you’d.

ASTORINO: –the impeachment now, as Obama not being born within the United States. You and Democrats and most of the people stated, you understand, that’s a bit out of the mainstream and we don’t consider that.

RYE: No, it’s not a bit out of the mainstream, it was nuts. And he was the chief-the rationale why…

ASTORINO: So is nuts about impeachment proper now.

COOPER: Let Rob end.

RYE: He was the spokesperson for it.

ASTORINO: Angela, so is nuts about impeachment proper now. Remember the second the President was inaugurated, lots of Democrats had been saying we’re going to question him. We’ll determine what, we’ll get to that, someplace by some means however we’re going to speak about impeachment. And I believe whenever you begin out in a defensive mode there and everybody is attacking you, the marketing campaign is one factor. There had been lots of issues Hillary Clinton stated that she regrets. There had been lots of issues Obama stated within the marketing campaign that he regrets and did in workplace.

RYE: Name one factor. Name one factor that sounded that racist and that poisonous. Name one factor from Barack Obama that appeared like that, please. 

ASTORINO: First of all, properly, race relations had been on the worst below President Obama in keeping with polls all throughout…

RYE: Because he was black.

ASTORINO: No, that’s ridic…

RYE: That is completely the case.

ASTORINO: That’s the one argument Democrats are utilizing now, they’ll’t go on details so it’s simply let’s fall again on race.

RYE: No as a result of it’s the reality. You don’t prefer it however it hurts.

COOPER: Let’s not relitigate that…

ASTORINO: It’s completely true.

COOPER: Let’s not relitigate it.  

RYE: I don’t wish to relitigate it both, Anderson, however what occurs is folks proceed to strive to attract, to strive to attract these parallels that don’t exist. The backside line is Donald Trump is harmful and poisonous for this nation. He’s harmful and poisonous each time he tweets about his nuclear button being greater. I imply come on. This is somebody who is not steady and I’ve been saying it from the start and I’ll proceed to say it till any individual seems to be into his psychological stability. It is an issue and that is the place we’re.

COOPER: Okay Rob…I hear you. Just shortly Rob, I would like you to reply after which I wish to get again to the Dow.

ASTORINO: Well, utilizing phrases like harmful…

RYE: He is harmful.

ASTORINO: And mentally unstable.

RYE: He is.

ASTORINO: Those are phrases which can be reserved below distinctive instances. Now I say he ought to lay off his…

RYE: It’s a novel time.

ASTORINO: …give his thumb a break and never go on Twitter as a lot. I agree with that. But you understand, you’ve bought to watch out whenever you begin utilizing phrases like that. If we had used, and I by no means, I didn’t agree with Obama but when I stated he was harmful and mentally unstable.

RYE: He wasn’t.

ASTORINO: If I had stated that, what would your response have been?

RYE: My response could be that that’s one other false equivalency and it’s not true.

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